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Since 1999, IMMI Turbines has been the supplier of choice for customer’s seeking “the Best In Class” provider of OEM equivalent turbine parts and services to the world.
We offer:
  • Field services
  • Routine maintenance & major inspections
  • Zero hour engine repairs, exchanges & overhauls
  • Full Load Testing Facility (up to 5 MW)
  • Control system retrofit
  • Engine upgrades & retrofits
  • Exchanges
  • Large inventory of new, refurbished, used, surplus and reversed engineered parts for components that are no longer easily found or available.
  • Enhanced Engineered Parts
  • Refurbished to like new turbine packages
  • Exchange
  • Field Services
  • Load Testing
  • Upgrades

IMMI is an Authorized TDI Gas Turbine Sales/Service Provider of turbine air starters and has trained sales specialists who can assist in selecting the right product, re-manufactured or replacement part.

IMMI Turbine Services:

Package Refurbishment & Upgrades:
  • Full major overhaul
  • Rotor refurbishment
  • New, refurbished and engineered gas turbine parts
  • Gear box inspection and overhaul
  • Generator inspection, maintenance and overhaul
  • Package re-wire
  • Inlet and exhaust plenum design repair or replacement
Control System Upgrades:
  • Upgrade any control system to a state of the art PLC based control system Engine
  • Solar Saturn 10,20™
  • Centaur 40,50™
  • Solar Taurus 60,70™
  • Ruston TA,TB,TD™
  • Many Others
Exchange Program:
IMMI Turbines exchange program encompasses anything from major assemblies such as Saturn gas producers (MKI & MKlI) Centaur gas producers (single & split shaft) T4000, T4500, and T4700. All units are quoted subject to availability.
Overhaul & Repair Programs:
IMMI Turbines Overhaul & Repair Program include engine inspection, detailed repair process and reassembly. Some of the major equipment we overhaul & repair:
  • Gas Producers
  • Power Turbines
  • Accessory Drives
  • Compressors C16-C30-C28
  • Gear Reduction Units
  • Pipe and Valve Skids
Services We Provide:
  • Full major overhauls
  • Zero hour engine repairs and exchanges
  • Gas compressor overhaul and restages
Solar Saturn 10, 20™ Centaur 40, 50™ Solar Taurus 60, 70™ GE Frame 1, 3, 5, 7, 9™ GE Aero-derivative & frame & gas turbines LM 2500™, LM6000™ Pratt Whitney™ Rolls Royce Avon™
Services We Provide:
  • Full load testing (up to 5 MW)
  • Supports: Centaur 40,50™, Saturn 10,20™, Single & Split Shaft™
Services We Provide:
  • Inspections
  • Routine maintenance
  • Production support
  • Full on-site commissioning and start up support
Our experienced Field Services Teams can provide a number of Services that meet or exceed OEM Standards.
Services Provided:
  • Inspection, Maintenance, Overhaul and Repairs on Solar Saturn, Centaur, Taurus, Ruston and other gas turbines.
  • Performance Test
  • Control systems online monitoring and remote data services support
  • Callout services
Full Load Testing For Single and Twin Shaft Applications
  • In House Full Speed Test (includes vibration, fuel flow, exhaust gas temperature, air inlet temperature and lube oil temperature measurements)
  • Vibration Survey
  • Full Load Test up to 5MW
  • Fuel Flow
Onsite Commissioning:
Our Field Service Team is available to assist with onsite installation, commissioning and start-up processes.

Our single source facility offers over 200 combined years of OEM engineering service.

IMMI Turbines maintains one of the largest inventories of turbine parts in the world.

  • Our inventory includes; new, refurbished, used, surplus and reversed engineered parts for components that are no longer easily found or available from the OEM.
  • IMMI guarantees our prices are 25% to 50% lower than most prices quoted by the OEM.
  • Most Requests for Quote received are returned to our Customer within 24-48 hours after receipt.
  • If the part you are looking for is not available on our parts list, please call us, we will be happy to assist you with your search.
  • IMMI Turbines warrants our parts to be free of defects in workmanship and material under normal use and conditions for 12 months from the date of original purchase.
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